In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth

Genesis 1:1

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‘Gloucestershire Creation Network’ draws together people from various churches across the county and aims to promote understanding of Biblical creation through regular events.

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A selection of fascinating Creation videos to watch on this website – showing how science and history are in complete harmony with scripture.

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Whether through great Creation books or DVDs, learn more about the wonderful world around us and God’s amazing design. Lots of resources are available!

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Recent Events

Philip Bell and Florin Mocanu brought the CMI Dinosaur Roadshow to Cheltenham on Saturday 25th November

Around 200 people came to The Pavilion in Cheltenham to see and hear the evidence of how dinosaurs are not as old as previously thought, how recent cultures knew about them and how they are consistent with Biblical history.

CMI Dinosaur Roadshow at Glos Creation Group

Gloucestershire Creation Group welcomed the Creation Ministries International Dinosaur Roadshow to Cheltenham this last weekend (25th Nov 2017) and we thank them for this brief look at the well presented event and stopping to talk to us on a very busy day.

Posted by Good News Channel - Hereford on Monday, 27 November 2017
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Featured Video

Revolutionary: Michael Behe and the Mystery of Molecular Machines

Michael Behe, Lehigh University professor examined the cell and first began questioning whether Darwinian evolution could account for molecular machines.

Could these tiny integrated systems be built through gradual random changes? Behe thought not and reasoned that they were “irreducibly complex.”

Learn how paleontologist Günter Bechly, microbiologist Scott Minnich, and protein chemist Douglas Axe came to the same conclusion.


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